“What’s the point of having clothes if you can’t even transport them in style?” could be my slogan right now. It is also probably the lamest excuse I’ve ever found to justify spending almost 100 euros in a weekender. BUT it’s not just another weekender: Herschel knows what’s up and makes it worth the price. Perfect capacity, impeccable finishing, discrete look, practicality, and even a separate compartment for your favourite sneakers.

Here you go ma’am, insert your card here please,  yes, here you go, please type your code, thank you, perfect, enjoy!

Next step? Try to save enough money to actually go on a week-end somewhere…

herschel-zipperherschel-open herschel-shoe-compartment  herschel-duffle-logo

Did my slogan inspire you? Gooood! You also wanna find your weekender? Goood! Here is a little selection I made, hopefully one of those will find its way to you!


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